Game 18+ Slave trader 2 version English in Window.


Name: Girls Bar & Girls!
Category: 18+, 3D, English, PC.
Phiên bản: 1.01
Language : English
Developer: NiiChan
Post: Game 18 VH
Last update: 2021-12-23
Released: 2021-12-21
Creator (developer): Quality Glassesm –
Censored: Yes
Version: Final
OS: Windows
Language: English (MTL)


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recently rumored slave trader (player) known to those in the know.
A maid who doesn’t know already has settled down even though she has been steadily accumulating and purchasing the long-sought hall.
Apparently they will support you in miscellaneous tasks, but … What is the purpose of the maid?​

Install instructions:

1. Extract and run.

Developer Notes:

[Game system] Train slaves and train them into sex slaves.
It is a game to make money by selling the sex slaves.
In training, you can select “Sexual Techniques” to enhance the status of slaves.
There are a number of times you can select “sexual skills”, and you need to train them a limited number of times.
Training ends when the upper limit of selection of “sexual skills” or the physical strength consumed by performing “sexual skills” becomes 0, and the sex slave is fulld.
Sex slaves can be sold for money.
With the money you sell, you will be able to expand various functions such as training and develop higher status sex slaves.
Repeat [Training] → [Sales (slave sales)] → [Expansion] to become the best slave trader!
[New system] Training course
You can select “Training course” before training.
Depending on the “training course”, the “sexual skills” that can be selected during training will change.
In addition, if certain conditions are met, new “sexual skills” will be released, enabling more specialized training.
You can use “tools” before training.
There are many benefits to using tools during training, but they cost money to use.
To sell slaves, you need to go to different places and “sales”.
Depending on the region, the tastes of customers change and the slaves that sell change.
Let’s train to suit the tastes of our customers!
Selling slaves will increase the number of business partners and open up new slaves and new tools.
[Voice available] Mysterious maid (CV: Kaede Maron )
Pant voice of each slave
Alt- Enter Full Screen

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